The Miramichi Salmon Association has an affiliate association in the United States. Therefore, in effect, the MSA has two separate Boards - MSA and MSA (U.S.) Inc. The By-Laws of MSA (the "International" Board) stipulate that the Board consists of up to seventy-nine (79) Directors elected by members at the annual meeting of the Association from Canada, United States and overseas.

The By-Laws of the affiliate association in the United States, MSA (U.S.) Inc. stipulate that no more than fifty percent (50%) of the members can also serve on the international board. Currently, there are twenty-five members on that Board. The international bond by members of both Boards brings strength to the role that MSA performs on behalf of the Miramichi watershed. We are grateful for the knowledge, expertise, experience, and dedication that each Director brings to the table.

MSA Staff

Colleen Harding
Administration and Finance Coordinator
South Esk Office
485 Route 420
South Esk, NB E1V 4L9
Tel: (506) 622-4000

Butch Dalton
Development and Special Projects
1133 Regent Street Suite 110
P.O. Box 30035, Prospect Plaza,
Fredericton, NB E3B 0H8
Tel: (506) 457-2233 or (506) 461-2723

Vanessa McLaughlin
Administrative Assistant and Member Relations Clerk
South Esk Office
485 Route 420
South Esk, NB E1V 4L9
Tel: (506) 622-4000





MSA Board of Directors

MSA Inc. Officers
Debbie Norton, Chair, Red Bank, NB
Robyn McCallum, President, South Esk
Kevin Harris, Past Chair, Rothesay, NB
Chandler Dumaine, Vice Chair, Worcester MA
Kenneth Kyle, Secr-Treasurer, Fredericton
Ross Bingham, Legal Counsel, Moncton, NB

MSA Inc. Directors
Paul Baker, Rothesay, NB
Christopher (Kit) Barrow, Vero Beach, FL
Shawn Betts, Fredericton, NB
Jim Blackwell, S Natick, MA
Alex Bobak, Fredericton, NB
Tony Boynton, Chatham, MA
Grant Brenan, Rothesay, NB
Brad Burns, Falmouth, ME
Dan Cain, Fredericton, NB
Marc-Antoine Chiasson, Moncton, NB
Tyler Coughlan, Gray Rapids, NB
Janice Cormier, Moncton, NB
Dave Creighton, Moncton, NB
Mike Crosby, Bedford, NS
Rick Cunjak, Fredericton, NB
Colin (Rip) Cunningham, Dover, MA
Brock Curtis, Blackville, NB
Jason Curtis, Keenan, NB
Mark Delaney, Riverview, NB
Charles Dodge, Gorham, ME
Francois Edmonds, Dieppe, NB
Katherine Ellard, Ferriday, LA
John Fitzpatrick, Jr., Saint John, NB
Laura Gilks, Fredericton, NB
Jacqueline Girouard, St-Marie-de-Kent, NB
Brian Green, New Maryland, NB
Mark Hambrook, South Esk, NB
Stephen Hibbard, Weston, MA
Mark Holleran, Fredericton, NB
Tristan Hovey, Fredericton, NB
Ben Kaley, Hanwell, NB
Natalie Kenny, Fredericton, NB
Stan Knowles, Miramichi, NB
Christopher Lloyd, Grey Rapids, NB
Doug MacDonald, Moncton, NB
Muriel MacKenzie, Storeytown, NB
Richard McGuigan, Fredericton
Jeff Morris, Miramichi, NB
Gordon Mouland, Rothesay, NB
Debbie Norton, Red Bank, NB
Mike O'Blenis, Prince William, NB
Wayne O'Donnell, Doaktown, NB
Joe Palmer, Woodstock, NB
Clarke Payne, Old Lyme, CT
Deborah Power, Fredericton, NB
Manley Price, Boiestown, NB
Rick Pryde, Florenceville, NB
Shawn Riley, Toronto, ON
Chris Smith, Hanwell, NB
Greg Sprague, Fredericton, NB
Gary H. Stairs, Green Mountain, NB
John Swan, Portland, ME
Vincent Swazey, Boiestown, NB
Gary Tanner, Bennington, VT
Everett Taylor, Doaktown, NB
Stephen Tonning, Long Reach, NB
Paul Valeri, Danbury, CT
Martyn Vickers, Augusta, ME
Joseph Walsh, Houston, TX
Betty Ward, Red Bank, NB
Jason White, Fredericton, NB
Andrew Willett, Quispamssis, NB
Allan Wilson, Boiestown, NB
Peter Worth, Riverview, NB



Honourary MSA Inc.  Directors

Ralph Archibald, Forestdale, MA
J. W. Bud Bird, Fredericton, NB
Byron Coughlan, Gray Rapids, NB
Gayden Curtis, Blackville, NB
Chandler Dumaine, Worcester, MA
John Dillon, Stamford, CT
Hadley Ford, Pine Plains, NY
Andrew Goode, Freeport, ME
David Hashey, Fredericton, NB
Jim Hughson, Fredricton, NB
James McQuaid, Miramichi, NB
Alex Mills, Halifax, NS
David Oxley, Rothesay, NB
Ted Reevey, Rothesay, NB
Keith Wilson, McNamee, NB

Affiliate office in the United States:
MSA (US) Ltd
Box 646, Houlton, ME 04730

MSA (U.S.) Inc. Board
Debbie Norton, Chair, Redbank, NB
Brad Burns, President, Worcester MA
Stephen Hibbard, Treasurer, Weston, MA
Christopher (Kit) Barrow, Vero Beach, FL
Whitney Beals, Southborough, MA
Jim Blackwell, S. Natick, MA
Pat Boland, Litchfield, CT
Bob Bonczek, Chapel Hill, SC
Tony Boynton, N. Easton, MA
Brad Burns, Falmouth, ME
Ben Carmichael, Concord MA
Colin (Rip) Cunningham, Dover, MA
Roger Earle, North Scituate, RI
Peter Howell, Nantucket, MA
David Huntress, South Portland, ME
Robert Norton, Red Bank, NB
John Swan, Portland, ME
Gary Tanner, Bennington, VT
Marty Vickers, Augusta, ME
Ralph Vitale, Boxford, MA