Mission Statement
Global-class leadership, stewardship, and conservation practices for the Miramichi Watershed to continuously preserve and advance its environmental integrity for the benefit of all species, in particular the Atlantic salmon.

Since 1953, the MSA and its members have directed their capabilities and their funds to the protection of the entire Miramichi River system.

For 65 years, the MSA has watched over the Miramichi as a champion of conservation on behalf of anglers, outfitters, guides and all others with economic, environmental and recreational interests in the river.

Managed by volunteers from Canada, the USA and abroad, as officers and directors, the MSA remains cooperative with, but independent of, government or special interests influence. It responds in the end only to its growing conservation membership.

The net result is a well-managed river system that today, thanks in part to the MSA's championing of its cause, has more miles of salmon angling water and traditionally holds larger and healthier populations of Atlantic salmon than most salmon rivers in North America.

Land Use Policy
1. To continue to work with individuals and industries to respect and improve the environment in relation to protecting Atlantic salmon habitat; and

2. To advocate for stringent regulations to protect the Atlantic salmon, its habitat, and the continuous monitoring and effective enforcement of these regulations.

The Miramichi Salmon Association is made up of two separate organizations, namely the Miramichi Salmon Association, Inc. and a sister organization in the US called the Miramichi Salmon Association (US), Inc. Each is a registered not-for profit charitable organization in their respective country and is overseen and managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. You can view a complete listing of each respective Board. The MSA owns a subsidiary company, Miramichi Fisheries Management (MFM) that manages the Miramichi Salmon Conservation Centre (MSCC), located in South Esk, NB.