Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation
Granting entity to support wild Atlantic salmon

Atlantic Salmon Federation
Dedicated to the conservation, protection, and restoration of wild Atlantic salmon

Atlantic Salmon Fly International Expo
Fly tying expo taking place in Miramichi- June 22-24, 2018

Atlantic Salmon Museum
Preserving and promoting the cultural and economic value of the Atlantic salmon.

DFO Salmon Counts
Cumulative counts of Atlantic salmon at specific dates, compared with counts in previous years.

Environmental Trust Fund
Provides assistance for action-oriented projects with tangible, measurable results, aimed at protecting, preserving, and enhancing the Province's natural environment.

Miramichi Area Accommodations
Partial listing of lodges, motels and campgrounds.

MREAC Real-Time Monitoring
Water temperature, water level, air temperature, and precipitation parameters are currently being monitored on the Little Southwest, Northwest, and Southwest Rivers.

Miramichi Salmon Conservation Centre
The oldest operating Atlantic salmon hatchery in Canada - and home to the MSA.

New Brunswick Salmon Council
New Brunswick affiliate of the Atlantic Salmon Federation.

NB Wildlife Trust Fund
Established to fund a range of programs for the enhancement of New Brunswick’s wildlife, fish, and their habitats.

Provincial Fire Weather
DNR tracks changing fire weather at 25 stations around the province.

Provincial Water Levels
Environment Canada water levels for New Brunswick.

Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnerships Program
The program's objective is to restore, rebuild, and rehabilitate recreational fisheries habitat.