Join us for our first Comedy Night “Fishing for Laughs”


6th Annual Jody Harrison Memorial Fall Salmon Classic

September 29 to October 1, 2017 Otter Brook Salmon Club You are invited to the sixth annual “Jody Harrison Memorial Fall Salmon Classic”. It will take place at the Otter Brook Salmon Club on the Little Southwest Miramichi from September 29 to October 1, 2017. All are welcome to stay at the camp to enjoy…

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ONE WEEK LEFT : Just over one week until the 22nd Annual MSA Fredericton Dinner

Just over one week until the 22nd Annual Fredericton Dinner taking place Thursday Sept 21st at the Fredericton Inn. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet there is still time. Just call or e-mail me, Kate, at 506-622-4000 or For more details visit the events page:

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Water Temperatures in the Miramichi Watershed : Real Time!

Water Temperatures in Miramichi today Sept 11, 2017 are:  SWM @ Doaktown-15.508 °C NWM @ Wayerton- 14.160 °C LSWM @ Upper Oxbow- 14.902 °C You can keep up to date on water temperatures by heading to our friends at MREAC Site! (Also located in the quick links)

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