Creel 2



Here's how to participate in our weekly modified 50/50 draw:

  1. Get a MSA DRAW Ticket at any MSA DRAW box location.
  2. You play the SAME number every week.  It is your permanent number.
  3. Fill in the part of the Ticket that needs Your Name and Contact information.
    Put that half in the MSA Draw box:  now you are registered to Play.
    Keep the half with just your MSA DRAW number on it.
  4. Take a Toonie and put one of the supplied Blue Dot Stickers on the Toonie.
    Write your number on the Dot that is on the Toonie.
    Make it clear and easy to read.
  5. Put Toonie in Draw Box.

Remember:  Play Every Week.  Play the Same Number.
Your Number is in Every Draw and you need to Play to Win.

Deadline to Play: 3 pm Wednesday

Or you can simply pre-pay your number below!

Creel of Fortune

  • This is the number located on your Creel of Fortune ticket you've already filled out. If you don't have/don't know your number please call the MSA office at 506-622-4000.
  • Pre Pay Your Number

  • Never miss an opportunity to win by prepaying for 26 or 52 weeks in advance.
  • $ 0.00 CAD