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Miramichi Riverstock

Invest in the Future of Our River

Miramichi Watershed Management Committee Inc.

The Miramichi Watershed Management Committee Inc. (MWMC) is an umbrella community orgamization made up of conservation groups, First Nations, individual companies, outfitters and guiding associations from all over the Miramichi Region.

In 1997, operation of the Miramichi Salmon Conservation Centre (in South Esk) was transferred from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to the MWMC, along with the responsibilty of enhancing salmon stocks in the Miramichi.

This has lead to the development of:

Miramichi Riverstock

A salmon enhancement program that invites everyone to get involved in upholding the Miramichi River's reputation as one of the best salmon rivers in the world.

Who will benefit from Miramichi Riverstock?

Those with a vested interest in the Miramichi River; outfitters, guides, anglers, fishing clubs, camp owners, and business owners who are located near the river and receive business from these groups.

Business owners and individuals who are concerned about the current salmon situation and wish to contribute for personal or charitable reasons.

Now, instead of complaining about a lack of
Salmon in your area…
You can do something about it!

Miramichi Riverstock invites individuals and businesses to participate in salmon enhancement by making a financial contribution to stocking the Miramichi with young salmon.

What your Contribution will Give you…
To help you calculate the benefits of your charitable donation, we estimate that a $100 contribution/order will put 225 wild salmon fingerlings into the river; $1000 will provide for release of 2500 Fingerlings into the Miramichi.

Every effort will be made to put fish in the specific area that you want to have stocked.
Government protocols must still be adhered to, but any contribution will go directly toward putting young salmon in the water.

Miramichi River Stock

How many wild salmon fingerlings will your charitable dollars help to place in the Miramichi?

$20 - 40 fingerlings
$50 - 110 fingerlings
$100 - 225 fingerlings
$500 - 1200 fingerlings
$1,000 - 2500 fingerlings

These same sponsor rates apply to Miramichi strains of indigenous speckled trout, which are also available from the Riverstock program.

All fingerlings will be released between October 15 and November 15 each year. Young salmon will be fin-clipped for future identification.

Adult salmon need to be collected for spawning each year; please do not delay placing your order.

Members of the Miramichi Watershed Management Committee Inc.

  • Bowater Forest Products Canada
  • Burnt Church First Nation
  • Cains River Enhancement Association Inc.
  • Eel Ground First Nation
  • J.D.Irving Ltd.
  • Fraser Papers Canada Inc./Nexfor
  • Miramichi Angling Adventures Inc.
  • Miramichi Fisheries Management Ltd.
  • Miramichi Headwaters Association Inc.
  • Miramichi Salmon Association Inc.
  • Atlantic Salmon Museum
  • New Brunswick Guides Association Inc.
  • New Brunswick Outfitters Association Inc.
  • New Brunswick Council of the Atlantic Salmon Federation
  • Noranda Mining & Explorration Inc. - Heath Steele Division
  • Northumberland Salmon Protection Association Inc.
  • Red Bank First Nation
  • UPM-Kymmene Miramichi Inc.
  • Tabusintac Fish & Game Association
  • White Rapids Brook & Other Streams Enhancement Association


The Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the Department of Natural Resources and Energy have representation on the Miramichi Watershed Management Committee Inc.

Adult salmon need to be collected for spawning each year so don't delay in placing your order.

Contact the Miramichi Salmon Conservation Centre below:

Miramichi Salmon Conservation Centre
operated by the Miramichi Salmon Association
485, Route 420
South Esk, NB, Canada
E1V 4L9

Phone: 506 622 1781

Fax: 506 622 6111