Public Pools on the Miramichi

There are many easily accessible public salmon pools on the Miramichi River system. These pools provide fishing opportunities for those who may not have access to private water. In addition public pools are useful to those who might want to give the sport a try for the first time; to individuals who are looking for a place to introduce kids, grand kids and friends to fly fishing for salmon; to anglers who are new to New Brunswick; or anyone else who might want to enjoy an angling experience.

Recognizing the important demand for public fishing opportunities within New Brunswick, the MSA vision includes a responsibility for helping to identify and care for sites that exist on Crown waters or other areas of accessible open ownership. The MSA believes that enhanced cold water refuge areas in the Miramichi are important requirements for both young and adult salmon, and hopes to be able to plan for one major restoration of a cold water public pool each year, while also encouraging similar private action by owners of riparian waters. As well, of course, through its annual contract arrangements with the Province of New Brunswick for brook trout production at its hatchery, MSA indirectly contributes to public fishing for that species.

Note that this is not an attempt to provide a comprehensive list of all the public water on the Miramichi nor is it an effort to identify which water is private or who has riparian rights. It is very simply a list of 15 easily accessible public pools with directions and a map. This information provides lots of opportunity for someone not knowing where to fish to start and if they are interested they will soon find other pools on their own.

Pool Map (with directions and GPS coordinates)