Robyn grew up in the Miramichi region and has studied and worked across the Maritimes for the past 11 years. Robyn completed her PhD in Biology from Dalhousie University and has a background in research, conservation, and education through her work as a biologist and agricultural specialist. Robyn has experience in leading a regional research and extension team, collaborating with industry and government partners, communicating research and extension information, and securing funding.
Robyn has published numerous peer-reviewed scientific journal articles, management guides, fact sheets, and reports, and has presented at conferences and meetings across North America. Robyn is also an Adjunct Faculty at Dalhousie University, and a Professional Agrologist with the New Brunswick Institute of Agrology.
Robyn is passionate about MSA and its values. Her goals include better highlighting the incredible work happening at MSA, bridging gaps with the greater community, leveraging funding opportunities for more research collaboration, and continuing to build on the strong foundation and heritage of MSA. She looks forward to meeting members and building the MSA community.
Robyn now lives in Miramichi with her husband and newborn son. Both Robyn and her husband enjoy training and showing their Belgian draft horses at competitions across the Maritimes.