“When Brian took on a project and any volunteer work he did, he put his all into it and gave it his heart and soul.” -Sue Moore

The Brian D. Moore Legacy Fund was established by a group of Saint John-area MSA Directors in 2021 to honour past MSA Chair and long-time MSA Director Brian Moore and his lifelong dedication to Atlantic Salmon Conservation. The purpose of this endowment fund is to offer financial support as a way to encourage students who are undertaking important work that benefits the Miramichi River and the Atlantic Salmon that Brian cared so deeply about.

Congratulations to our 2022 recipient, Ellie Smallwood!


Ellie’s application included a proposal to transfer knowledge and education about Atlantic Salmon conservation to the general public. Ellie will collect photos and videos from the field and the hatchery to create informational pieces to be shared with the public. These pieces will enhance communications about Atlantic Salmon conservation on the Miramichi.

Ellie began working with the Miramichi Salmon Association in 2021 as a summer student and will return for the 2022 season. 

“Working with the MSA and Atlantic Salmon conservation has helped me to understand the importance of maintaining and protecting all wildlife. I am more conscious of my effect on the planet and want to ensure that my generation is able to maintain the health of the Miramichi River for future generations. I have a new appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the Miramichi River,” says Ellie.  

“Receiving the Brian Moore Legacy Fund award means that I can create public awareness and education campaigns that better connect the community to Atlantic Salmon conservation, and highlight ways they can protect the iconic Atlantic Salmon,” shared Ellie. 

“Ellie’s attitude and work ethic at the MSA stood out to all of us. She put in long days in the field and helped our team accomplish various conservation programs, and she truly cares about the work we are doing for salmon on the Miramichi,” says MSA President Robyn McCallum. “We are pleased to welcome Ellie back as the Brian Moore Legacy Fund student and cannot wait to see what she accomplishes through this opportunity.”

To view the contest created through Ellie’s project, please visit the link below.

Past Recipients

2022 - Ellie Smallwood (MTA)

How to Apply

Eligibility and application requirement will be posted in Fall 2022. For more information about the Brian D. Moore Legacy Fund or the Miramichi Salmon Association, please call the South Esk office at (506) 622-4000.