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The Miramichi Salmon Association greatly appreciates the generosity of its many members and donors. Whether to support our field programs, hatchery stocking operations, advocacy efforts, education programs,  or to invest in long term salmon conservation through the MSA Endowment Fund, all donations are graciously accepted. Official charitable tax receipts are issued for all donations in both Canada and the US.

To review the various ways you can support the MSA's ongoing salmon conservation efforts,  please choose from the list  below:

Program Sponsorship | Memorial and Honourary Gifts | Endowment Funds | Planned Giving

To make a contribution using your credit card or PayPal, please select the Program Sponsorship link above and it will take you to a list of our active conservation programs.

To make a Memorial gift, or a contribution/pledge to the MSA Endowment Fund and/or the MSA Trust for Planned Giving program, or to find out more about Memorial and Honourary Gifts and Planned Giving, please contact Stephen Tonning at (506) 457-2233 or ac.no1529299646mlasi1529299646hcima1529299646rim@n1529299646ehpet1529299646s1529299646

You may also mail in your donation. Just download and complete a copy of our Contribution Designation Form to tell us how you would like your donation allocated, and mail it along with your gift payment to either our Canadian or US office.

Mailing Address Click to Download Form
Canadian Members mail forms to:
Miramichi Salmon Association
485 Route 420
South Esk NB
E1V 4L9
Contribution Designation Form
US Members mail forms to:
MSA (US) Ltd
c/o The Guild Associates
389 Main Street; Suite 202
Malden MA 02148
Contribution Designation Form

Program Sponsorship
The MSA relies on the generous contributions of supporters to fund it's ongoing conservation programs and activities. Your support and contribution to any of the following programs and activities will greatly help the MSA continue its critically important salmon conservation work throughout the Miramichi watershed.

To donate choose the program of choice and indicate your residency - you will be able to pay via PayPal or via your credit card by selecting the appropriate credit card logo from the lower left side of the PayPal page. A brief description of each program can be seen below.

Program of Choice: 


Program Brief Description
Endowment Fund The MSA has established an endowment fund in both Canada and the US where the principal is protected and the interest earned is used to support annual operations.
General Operations To support day-to-day operations and/or other priority budgeted operations.
Education The MSA conducts school-based art and writing contests and a you mentoring weekend called MSA First Cast. In addition, MSA supports NBSC's Fish Friends program, various in-school fishing clubs, and awards an annual University scholarship.
Smolt Tracking Research Joint program with the ASF to track smolts as they travel to the ocean to determine survival rates.
Cold-Water Initiatives Enhancing and restoring cold-water resting refuges for returning adult salmon and growing juvenile fish.
Salmon Stocking Stocking in the Miramichi River system with first-feeding salmon fry in the most needed areas only.
Removing Spawning  Obstructions The MSA removes beaver dams and other in-stream obstructions each fall so adult salmon can reach critical spawning habitat

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Memorial and Honourary Gifts
Honour a loved one with a timeless gift.

We have all been privileged to know and love a special person who has helped us realize a dream or inspired us to succeed. These inspirational people deserve recognition, and the Miramichi Salmon Association has the perfect way to do that. Through a memorial gift, you can honour your loved one by way of supporting a conservation cause and effort they cared deeply about. A memorial gift of any amount is most welcomed and always appreciated.

Memorial gifts totaling $1,000 or more, either collectively or as a single gift payment, will establish a permanent Memorial Membership in the honouree's name, with the honouree's family receiving a framed Memorial Membership certificate.  Family members, co-workers, and fishing friends of passed MSA members often purchase a Memorial Membership as a lasting recognition of their loved one's passion and commitment to salmon conservation.

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Endowment Funds
An endowment is a long term investment in the future of the Miramichi Salmon Association. When you use your charitable gift to support the MSA's  endowment fund, your original gift amount is never spent, only the Fund's investment return gets channeled back into annual operations*. Thus your conservation gift remains healthy and growing for the long term.

What makes endowed giving different from annual giving?
nnual giving helps support the organization's yearly operations and conservation programs.  Gifts to the endowment fund help create building blocks for the long-term future. Both types of funds are critically important to the MSA, with many donors annually supporting both funds.

Can I make a contribution to MSA's existing endowment fund?
Anyone can contribute to the MSA's endowment fund. The MSA has an endowment fund in both Canada and the US. All gifts to the MSA endowment funds are considered permanently restricted.  In other words, your gift becomes part of the larger fund and will never be spent. Only the interest earned is spent supporting annual operations*.

How do I establish a 'Named Trust' endowment fund and what can it support?
You may make a gift or pledge to establish your own personally 'Named Trust' endowment fund.  A named endowment fund leaves a permanent legacy to the programs of the Association and forever links your name or that of your honoree with the Miramichi Salmon Association. You can also allocate how the proceeds from your Named Trust are to be spent. A minimum contribution or pledge of $25,000 is typically required to establish a 'Named Trust' fund.

*How is the Endowment Fund spent?
The annual spending allocation is based on a predetermined rate applied to the average balance of the endowment fund and is limited to available investment return. The spending rate is determined by the Financial Committee in consideration of maximizing both spending and endowment growth and currently is 4.0%.

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Planned Giving - A thoughtful approach to giving
People from all walks of life support the MSA. Among them is a very special group of committed conservationists... people who have chosen to make a legacy gift today that will insure their lifetime of support and passion for the Miramichi River, for the Atlantic Salmon who make it their home, and for the vital work being done by the MSA to protect and conserve both, will live on and be sustained long into the future.

When you include the MSA in your financial or estate planning, you will be helping to ensure that those who come after you will inherit a healthy and vibrant Miramichi River, capable of sustaining the same great diversity of life and socioeconomic benefits, opportunities, and life experiences that you have come to know and cherish.

You can support the 'MSA Trust for Planned Giving'  through a will bequest, gift of stock or property, proceeds from a life insurance policy, or even through an income annuity plan or income trust. As with all such planned giving initiatives, the MSA encourages donors to consult and rely upon independent professional advice.

For more information go to Planned/Legacy Gift or view our MSA Trust Brochure.

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