While fishing for Atlantic Salmon on the Miramichi River, please be respectful and courteous to other anglers, as well as to all fish and wildlife. The following is a list of best practices for being a courteous angler while fishing Atlantic Salmon in New Brunswick.

Know and Obey All Fishing Regulations
This includes making sure you have a fishing license and guide as-required, fishing with a barbless hook, live release of both grilse and salmon, and all other regulations outlined by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Note: In New Brunswick, non-resident anglers are required to hire a licensed guide.

Respect River Closures
Do not fish closed pools during warm water protocols, when the water temperature is above 22 degrees Celsius. During this time, do not wade into or disturb cold water pools where salmon are taking refuge.

Respect Private Property
New Brunswick recognizes riparian rights. If you are fishing in a pool that you believe to be public and are challenged, leave the pool and report the incident to the Miramichi Salmon Association. Do not block access to driveways or roads. Always ask before walking onto private property.

Use Proper Catch and Release Techniques
Do not play a fish for more than ten minutes. Break the fish off rather than tire them out. Retrieve and release the fish as quickly as possible. Do not hold the fish out of the water. If you are having trouble removing a hook, cut the leader and leave it in the fish. For more details, see Proper Techniques for Live Release of Fish.

Share Pools
If several anglers wish to fish the same pool, the first angler to arrive takes a step downstream with each cast. This ensures that all anglers get equal access to the pool. Be sure to provide adequate casting distance for other anglers. Do not wade through or disturb salmon pools while others are fishing. If you catch a fish, move back to the start of the rotation.

Give Right of Way
When another angler hooks a salmon, reel in your line and move out of the way. Do not cast again until the salmon has been landed or lost.

Step Lightly
Do not walk through cultivated fields. Do not wade in spawning areas. Do not wade in cold water pools during warm water events. Do not be disruptive where others are fishing.

Leave the River As You Found It
Do not litter or leave materials behind. Always recycle monofilament fishing line. Do not start fires.

Report Your Catches
Turning in tags and reporting catches is one of the ways we can accurately gather and access information to sustain quality fishing in New Brunswick. Turn in tags from adult salmon or, if you are unable to do so, contact the Miramichi Salmon Association with tag information. Catches can be reported to the Department of Natural Resources by filling out the NB Anglers Survey.

Report Poachers
Anglers are our eyes and ears on the water. Report any suspicious activity by calling (506) 857-6328. This line can be reached 24/7.