Fish Friends is an education program coordinated by the New Brunswick Salmon Council, which focuses on hands-on learning about Atlantic Salmon in a classroom setting. The program is supplemented by a comprehensive curriculum guide originally developed by the Atlantic Salmon Federation. It is generally geared towards students in grades 4, 5, and 6 and introduces such topics as habitat, the ecosystem, and the life cycle of the wild Atlantic Salmon. 

As a Fish Friends partner, the Miramichi Salmon Association provides fertilized salmon eggs to local participating schools, along with a large aquarium, accessories, and a cooling unit. In-school incubation takes place from March until June, when the hatched fry are released streamside. 

To learn more about the Fish Friends program, please contact the NB Salmon Council at (506) 442-2185.

If you received fertilized eggs and equipment from the Miramichi Salmon Association, and are having any issues, or if you are a participating school and interested in setting up a tour of the Miramichi Salmon Conservation Centre fish hatchery, please contact (506) 622-8739.