Appendix I

Format for Proposals

The following outline should be followed when preparing proposals requesting support for research from the Miramichi Salmon Association. Proposals should be presented in a concise manner. All technical terms should be explained. Failure to provide the required details described below may disqualify the application.


A concise, one-sentence description of the project.

Student name

Name, university affiliation, and contact information including mailing address, telephone, fax and email address.

Supervisor name

Name, title, university affiliation, and contact information including mailing address, telephone, fax and email address.


One paragraph non-technical summary of the proposed research including issue, proposed methods and anticipated benefit to achieving the MSA mission.


One paragraph describing the knowledge gap to be addressed by the research as it relates to the MSA mission.

Objectives (of the research):

One paragraph detailing the specific objectives of the research. The objectives should be clear and concise.

Study area:

Describe the location where the research will be conducted.

Project design: (max. 1 page)

Describe the sampling methods, experimental design, and analysis methods. Identify risks of achieving the research objectives. This section will be used to evaluate research quality.

Anticipated outputs: 

One paragraph describing the expected products including final and financial reports to MSA, expected university theses, publications, etc.Identify how the research data will be secured for the future.

Literature cited:

Maximum of one-half page.


Name and describe the collaborators in the research.


Provided a detailed budget of the direct cash and in kind contributions of:

  • affiliated university and research supervisor
  • collaborators identified above

Indicate whether contributions are secured or requested. Indicate what facilities might be required at the Miramichi Salmon Conservation Centre .


Provide a one-page c.v. for each of the graduate student(s) requesting the financial support. Provide a max. two-page c.v. of the research supervisor summarizing the supervisor’s research ability and past performance in supervising graduate level research.