Main Southwest Miramichi River


GPS Coordinates:
46.78364, -65.75537



About the Pool: This pool is long, stretching over 1,000ft. The upstream boundary is marked by power lines running overhead across the river.  The marker for the downstream boundary is a large, well-notched cedar tree located around the bend. The pool is generally easy to wade.  Anglers are advised not to wade deeper than their knees, as anything deeper usually is in conflict with the established run. Gray Rapids Pool has a reputation for being particularly productive in low-water conditions.


Proceed north on Route 8. Approximately 2km north of the center of Blackville, turn right onto Barnettville Road. Follow the road until the end, approximately 6km. Note that the last kilometer of the road is dirt and extremely rutted/uneven. It is recommended that anglers visiting this pool travel with a 4x4 vehicle. At end of dirt road descent, there is plentiful parking.  You will see a walking path that will take you to the pool.


To our knowledge, this pool is open to the public. When fishing what you believe to be public water, please respect the rights of private property owners. If you see a “No Fishing” sign or if you are challenged, please leave and report the incident to the Miramichi Salmon Association. Note that directions given are approximate.