2015 Salmon and Bass Numbers

On March 15th at the MREAC Science Day, Scott Douglas, DFO biologist for Miramichi, gave a presentation on the striped bass and Atlantic salmon returns for Miramichi in 2015.

Striped bass:
301,000 (the largest number recorded to date and the recovery target has now been achieved every year since 2011)

Atlantic salmon:
NW Miramichi
4,171 salmon         11,980 grilse        82% of minimum conservation limit (22% in 2014)

SW Miramichi
11,490 salmon       13,980 grilse        92% of minimum conservation limit (70% in 2014)

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  1. anon on March 18, 2016 at 3:39 pm

    I am curious as to how a number of 16,000 salmon returning to the Northwest Miramichi was arrived at? In the ASF rivernotes of Oct 22, 2015 the count at the Northwest Barrier as of Oct. 18 was at 398 fish, which would be roughly 2.5%. Just wondering if this is normal?

    “The Cassilis Barrier had great numbers this year to Oct. 15 – 1,372 grilse and 334 large salmon, totaling 1,706. Last year to the same date there were 105 grilse and 83 large salmon, totaling 188.

    Especially with the high numbers at Cassilis, the Northwest Barrier count has been extremely disappointing, with 300 grilse and 98 large salmon to Oct. 18. This is certainly ahead of the 204 grilse and 66 large salmon in 2014 to the same date, but not the large increase one might hope for. – See more at: http://www.asf.ca/asf-rivernotes-for-oct-22-2015.html#sthash.Ac4DmnjN.dpuf

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