Angling will resume to regular hours on the Miramichi River system

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There has been an update to the Warm Water Protocol in effect for the Miramichi River System. Starting tomorrow August 28, 2021, recreational angling will be reopen to normal angling hours for all species of fish on the Miramichi River for the Northwest Miramichi River, the Little Southwest Miramichi River, the Big Sevogle River, the Main Southwest Miramichi River, Rocky Brook, Clearwater Brook, the Renous River, the Dungarvon River, Bartholomew River, the Cains River, not including the tributaries of those rivers, closed since August 18, 2021, following an improvement in water conditions.

Please take note that the 30 additional salmon pools across the system remain closed to all angling due to hot water conditions.

To view the detailed notice to anglers on DFO’s recreational fisheries website, please click below: