Boston Dinner 2014 Auction Items

The Boston Dinner is almost upon us. For those attending there are a lot of great items in this year’s Live Auction – February 1, 2014. Here is a preview so that you can decide on which items you would like to bid.

Know someone who isn’t attending but would like to participate? Let them know that they can make a not-to-exceed bid to the MSA(US) office for any of these great prizes. They will be assigned a bid number and a proxy bidder to represent them at the auction. They can contact the MSA(US) at 781.397.8870 or  by 1:00 PM, Friday, January 31, 2014 to register their bid. 

Live Auction Items


TED   WILLIAMS AUTOGRAPHED BASEBALL – A rare opportunity for collectors. This baseball is   autographed by Ted and comes in a display case. A Certificate of Authenticity   is included.

Donor: Stephen Coull                                     Value: $1,100


BLACK BROOK SALMON CLUB  – Fish some   of the best salmon water in the world. Private club on the Main SW Miramichi,   just below the mouth of the Cains River. All new accommodations and wonderful   staff. Dates to be arranged for 2 rods for three days during the 2014 or 2015   season. (Note, tips will be assessed by the Club rather than paid in camp.)  There is a reserve.  

Donor: Black Brook Salmon Club                   Value: $3,700


THE LEDGES INN  – Two rods   for three days, dates to be arranged with DONOR. A combination of great   fishing and wonderful amenities, consisting of three full days at four pools,   including guide service, meals and three nights accommodations at Ledges Inn   in Doaktown, NB. The Ledges Inn offers its guests some of the best cold water   pools on the Miramichi River. There is a reserve.  

Donor: The Ledges Inn                                   Value: $3,900


UPLAND   BIRD HUNTING IN THE MIRAMICHI VALLEY with Guide Brett Silliker – This   Woodcock and Grouse hunting trip for 2 Hunters is for 3 days and 4 nights at   the Upper Oxbow Camp on the Northwest Miramichi. The Miramichi River Valley   is ideal for upland birds.  With   generous daily bag limits, the valley is lined with miles of old farmland,   which offers superb covers. The Package includes: accommodations, all meals,   guide, dogs, bird preparation and transportation to coverts.  Mr. Silliker and Upper Oxbow Adventures   were prominently featured in the September 2012 edition of Covey Rise   magazine. There is a reserve.

Donor: Debbie  and   Dale Norton                         Value: $3,500


RESTIGOUCHE RIVER LODGE -Originally private, now public, the Restigouche River Lodge is   located on 3 miles of crystal clear Atlantic Salmon fly fishing water at the   junction of the Matapedia   River in New     Brunswick, Canada. It is the first camp on the salmon’s journey up the   Restigouche. The RRL is offering three (3) days of fishing for two (2) rods   with all accommodations and guide service at their beautiful lodge   overlooking the RestigoucheRiver and the surrounding Chic-Choc mountains. Dates to be   arranged with Donor.  There is a   reserve.

Donor: Restigouche River Lodge                   Value:   $4,950


ORVIS   HELIOS 2 MATCHED ROD OUTFIT – The Helios 2. Strong, light in the hand, and deadly accurate,   the 908-4 Helios 2 is the most complete and versatile big-game fly rod Orvis   has ever produced. Swing steelhead flies in sub-zero weather or toss Crazy   Charlies in triple-digit temperatures; the H2 doesn’t care. Rod outfit   includes: Helios 2 908-4 Tip-Flex Fly Rod; Mirage IV Reel with Hydros WF8   line and 200 yards of backing; rod    tube and Safe Passage rod and reel case. Made in USA.

Donor: Orvis                                                               Value: $1,425


DEERFIELD RIVER FLOAT TRIP – Two rods/one day. Float the historic DeerfieldRiver with Harrison Anglers Guide Service. Trip includes lunch   and all the equipment. Fish all day on quality water for wild and stocked   rainbow and brown trout. The Harrison brothers know these waters intimately, are attentive   guides, and skilled in catering to novice or experienced anglers (July 1st   thru March 31st).

Donor: Harrison Anglers Guide   Service                     Value: $400


SUPER   BOWL SMOKED SALMON PARTY – Norm Betts has again donated a party package with all the   fixin’s including a whole smoked salmon and 24 Moosehead beer for your Super   Bowl Sunday.

Donor: Norm Betts                                                     Value: $250


ADOPT-A-KELT – The Miramichi Salmon Association will again place 50   transmitters in adult salmon in May 2014 to document their movements as they   migrate back to the ocean. This joint program with ASF has provided very   interesting results, with over 96% of the kelts successfully leaving Miramichi   Bay from 2008 to 2012 with some fish returning in both years. For a $500   charitable donation in Canada or the USA, Adopt-A-Kelt and receive reports as   your fish migrates down the Miramichi River, out to the ocean and hopefully   as it returns again!   

Donor: MSA                                                                Donation: $500