Coming Changes to The MSA

Coming changes in MSA’s Leadership Team

As an MSA supporter, we wanted to let you know that the MSA has begun the process of succession planning as some of our older staff members begin to move aside and retire.

Beginning July 1st, Grant Hendry retired for a second time – the first as a school teacher several years ago and now from his part-time Administrative support position with the MSA. We wish Grant a happy 2nd retirement and thank him for his excellent work. We are currently recruiting to back fill this position.

Also beginning July 1st, Stephen Tonning, current Director of Development and Communications, moved to a half-time position with plans to completely retire by the end of the year. In the coming weeks we will begin to recruit for a new Vice-President to back fill this position, with the hopes that the successful candidate will in time prove capable of also assuming MSA President Mark Hambrook’s role sometime in 2020, when Mark hopes to step aside and focus entirely on managing the MSA’s hatchery operations in a half-time position. Plans are for the new Vice-President to be on board by September, thus ensuring a period of overlap and knowledge transfer before Stephen leaves at the end of the year.

These coming changes are being partly offset by Kate Flanagan’s recent return from maternity leave, quickly stepping back into her previous position of MSA’s Event and Membership Coordinator. We are also pleased that Butch Dalton has agreed to stay on in his part-time fundraising role based out of our Fredericton Office.

One constant is change…. but by anticipating and pro-actively managing its change, the MSA is ensuring it will have the required staff leadership in place to help Directors, volunteers and memberships alike build upon the MSA’s 65- year history of protecting and conserving our treasured Miramichi salmon resource.


Click here to view job ad for MSA Vice President.

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