Correction made to DFO Pool Closures

DFO has issued another variation order that includes a correction and a clarification to the previous closures.

The initial variation order included:

               Waters of the Southwest Miramichi River surrounding the pump house located at N 46.86483, W 65.67698 (WGS 84)

This has been removed and the correction included as:             

               The waters of Renous River to a point 100 meters off shore from 100 meters upstream to 100 meters downstream of the pump house located at grid reference 20T 285909E 5187384N

 Also a clarification has been made to the following:

               The water of Cains River, 100 meters downstream of the mouth of Otter Brook to a line drawn from grid reference 20T 288745E 5169162N to grid reference 20T 288721E 5169075N up to 100 meters upstream of the mouth of the said brook to a line drawn from grid reference 20T 289000E 5169261N to grid reference 20T 289068E 5169198N, an area locally known as Brophy’s Place.

 To view the variation order click 059-2012 All species angling NB – close 15 salmon pools


  1. tyler coughlan on August 2, 2012 at 11:26 am

    yes the water is warm but the water is not low it will get alot lower then this yet this year and if the DFO decide to close the river there will not be a salmon river in few years its a free pass to the poachers at least now theres a few wardens and outfiters that as people in are on the river if the river is closed there will be no one, easy access to go net a river as for people worrying about the number of fish they will increase as soon as we get a big raise of water which will come. Many people that recently got into fishing has not seen these conditions cause the last few years has been high water but the people that has been the river for a lifetime rember 10, 15 years ago we always had low water just it stayed cool things like this all goes in cycles and we need to let the cycles work it self out

    • Rod Colford on August 2, 2012 at 7:51 pm

      Good comment Tyler!

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