Donnelly Brook Project Completed

Completed at the end of September, the MSA’s new Donnelly Brook project is the first of what is hoped to be many more cold-water enhancement projects throughout the watershed. This flagship project, located at the confluence of Donnelly Brook and the SW Miramichi (located near Upper Blackville), focused on enhancing the cold-water inputs/influences the brook has on the Atlantic salmon pool it flows into just downriver. This was accomplished by using heavy equipment to realign the water flow of Donnelly Brook out into the SW Miramichi River by way of narrowing the mouth of the brook, removing a built up gravel bar, and installing (burying) 3 rock spurs.


Donnelly Brook - Before

Donnelly Brook – Before

Donnelly Brook - After

Donnelly Brook – After

This $35,000 habitat enhancement project was cost shared between MSA Campaign 60, and DFO’s Recreational Fisheries Partnership Program and the New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund.


  1. David Dunn on December 23, 2014 at 10:32 am

    I frequented the Donnelly Brook pool regularly throughout the 1980’s and early part of the 90’s. I recall on more than one occasion, warm summer days watching from the old Bailey bridge at Upper Blackville as salmon migrated upstream in search of the cooler water at Donnelly Brook. I sadly recall the period later in the 90’s when that pool infilled, knowing not just the loss of a good fishing pool, possibly for all time, but more importantly, the disappearance of a rare cold water sanctuary along that long stretch of the Main Southwest Miramichi River. Thanks so much to the MSA for restoring this beautiful pool, and preserving yet another piece of our River’s unique heritage.

    David Dunn

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