Millerton and Cassilis Trap Numbers for the Week

The fish have finally started moving into both the Northwest and Southwest Miramichi Rivers – though the numbers are not high. After three days of no fish being caught at Cassilis we now have a few salmon moving in. Numbers went down slightly at the Millerton trap. Some people are hoping that this weekends full moon will bring the fish in – will wait and see.

The catches for this week were:

  Cassilis Millerton
Monday 0 Grilse 0 Salmon 3 Grilse 7 Salmon
Tuesday 0 Grilse 0 Salmon 3 Grilse 8 Salmon
Wednesday 0 Grilse 0 Salmon 7 Grilse 7 Salmon
Thursday 0 Grilse 1 Salmon 5 Grilse 1 Salmon
Friday 0 Grilse 4 Salmon 3 Grilse 2 Salmon

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