William Chapman supports salmon conservation through Miramichi River subway map

Photo credit: William Chapman
Photo credit: William Chapman

William Chapman, a student at Mount Allison University in Sackville, was on a field trip with his professor. Not knowing the name of a river they passed made Chapman curious, and that marked the beginning of his subway project.  

"The professor was talking about, 'We're crossing such and such river' and, you know, 'this leads into' wherever. And I didn't really know where that was," said Chapman, who is in his third year of environmental science. "So I made the Miramichi watershed map to figure out."

The Miramichi Salmon Association would like to offer a special thank you to William for his contributions toward Atlantic salmon conservation on the Miramichi River. The MSA is currently sold out of the maps but will have more available in the new year.

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