The MSA 19th annual "Freeman Dunnett" fundraising dinner was held at the Crowne Plaza in Moncton on May 23rd. The evening featured a delicious smoked salmon and cocktail reception followed by the Crowne Plaza's signature prime rib dinner, complete with Yorkshire pudding and all the trimmings! In addition to the delicious food and lively conversation there were a number of fun raffles and auctions. The live auction featured a number of great fishing trips, works of art and fishing rods all of which were sold after some intense bidding by dinner attendees.

The dinner was attended by Minister Mike Holland, who, after an inspiring speech, said a few word of remembrance of former dinner committee member and salmon conservationist Jack MacLean. After his kind words, Minister Holland presented a plaque to Jack's family which expressed the MSA's gratitude to Mr. MacLean for everything he did in support of salmon conservation and the MSA Moncton dinner. All in all, the dinner raised over 50k! Thank-you to all the donors and patrons who supported this important fundraising dinner, and a special thanks to the dinner committee who truly made the dinner a success.