MSA Art & Writing Contest Winners

The 2014 Annual Art and Writing contest was held with ten schools participating and over 500 entries in the Art Contest and over 500 entries in the Printing, Handwriting and Creative writing combined. Prizes were awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each grade for each category and were distributed to the schools for end of year award ceremonies. Winners in the grades kindergarten to 4 received $20, $15, and $10 while the grade 5 – 8 winners received $30, $20, and $10. Winners are listed below by grade, school and teacher.

Art Contest Winners
GRADE K 1st Ahna Holmes NSEE Mrs Hendry
2nd Jaelee Dickey Harkins Mrs Dickson
3rd Sophie Munn Blackville Mrs Curtis
GRADE 1 1st Lauryn Swaine St Andrews Mrs Buggie
2nd Clare Taylor NSEE Mrs Mutch
3rd Claire Vickers Harkins Mrs Russel
GRADE 2 1st Sadie Cloud NSEE Mrs Holmes
2nd Ben Walsh NSEE Mrs Silliker
3rd Abie Huard Blackville Mrs Lyons
GRADE 3 1st William Eveleigh Croft T. Legresley
2nd Madison Lee NSEE Mrs Sullivan
3rd Layne Jardine Blackville Mrs McGrath
GRADE 4 1st Daria Doucet Croft Mrs Brown
2nd Jesse Curtis Nelson Mrs Tozer
3rd Brie Wilson Millerton Mrs Sturgeon
GRADE 5 1st Darien Porter NSEE Miss Downey
2nd Brooklyn Taylor Croft Mme Aubrey
3rd Alisha Sturgeon Nelson Mr Fitzpatrick
GRADE 6 1st Neszra Stapledon CNBA Mrs. Wall
2nd Kye Davis CNBA Mrs. Wall
3rd Tori Munn CNBA Mrs. O’Donnell
GRADE 8 1st Eve Pond Blackville Mrs Moody
2nd Gina Keenan Blackville Mrs Moody
3rd Carter M. Harkins Middle Mrs Steward
Printing Contest Winners
GRADE K 1st Brynne Somers NSEE Mrs. Hendry
2nd Jayda MacEachern Tabusintac Mrs. Devereau
3rd Jace Jardine Blackville Mrs. Curtis
GRADE 1 1st Emma Hogan NSEE Mrs Henderson
2nd Claire Taylor NSEE Mrs Mutch
3rd Marianne Hayes NSEE Mrs Henderson
GRADE 2 1st Zesha Brooks Croft Ms. Dedam
2nd Abby Sturgeon Blackville Mrs. Lyons
3rd Brynn Silliker NSEE Mrs. Holmes
Handwriting Contest Winners
GRADE 3 1st Landan Parks NSEE Mrs. Silliker
2nd Riley Croft Mrs. Page
3rd Lillian Trepanier NSEE Mrs. Silliker
GRADE 4 1st Sophie Taylor Croft Mme Matchett
2nd Sydney Murray Millerton Mrs Sturgeon
3rd Christopher Keezer Nelson Mrs Tozer
GRADE 5 1st Jorja Hanley Nelson Mrs. Murphy
2nd Maggie McNeil Croft Mme. Aubry
3rd Carlie Houck Nelson Mrs. Murphy
Creative Writing Contest Winners
GRADE 1 1st Bria Johnston NSEE Mrs Mutch
2nd Will Clark NSEE Mrs Mutch
3rd Joshua Sark NSEE Mrs Mutch
GRADE 2 1st Andi Ryder NSEE Mrs. Silliker
2nd Jillian Mutch NSEE Mrs. Silliker
3rd X X X
GRADE 3 1st Connor Sheasgreen Croft Mme. Legresly
2nd Tyra Martin Blackville Miss McGrath
3rd Tara Martin Blackville Miss McGrath
GRADE 4 1st Andrew Leslie Croft Mme Matchett
2nd Karley Seeley Croft Mme Matchett
3rd Sophie Taylor Croft Mme Matchett
GRADE 5 1st Sophie Jardine Croft Mme. Lebouthillier
2nd Claire Morrison Croft Mme. Lebouthillier
3rd Braden Bell Croft Mme. Aubrey
GRADE 6 1st Layne Munn CNBA Mrs.O’Donnell
2nd Lexi Price CNBA Mrs Wall
3rd Leanna Munn CNBA Mrs.O’Donnell
GRADE 8 1st Ethan Mahabir Harkins Mrs. Stewart
2nd Saood Ahmed Harkins Mrs. Stewart
3rd Jordan Lobb-Carter Harkins Mrs. Breau