MSA Board Receives Update on Proposed Energy East Pipeline

Senior Managers from TransCanada Energy East Pipeline outlined their company’s updated plans for the New Brunswick portion of the TransCanada East Pipeline to the Miramichi Salmon Association’s Board of Directors at their annual mid-winter meeting, held this past weekend in Burlington, Mass.

In addition to summarizing TransCanada’s experience and best practices in pipeline construction and safety, their presentation also identified the revised route they are now proposing for the pipeline through the Upper Miramichi River watershed. Specifically, this new route will reduce the number of river crossing thereby lessening the potential negative impact to fisheries and river habitat from any pipeline event, particularly in light of the alarming decline of salmon runs over the last 3 years. These revisions have come about in large part as a result of the ongoing engagement that MSA and TransCanada have shared throughout the past 12 months.

The MSA appreciates TransCanada’s willingness to discuss additional measures that will be taken to mitigate risk, such as thicker wall pipe under river crossings and isolation values on the pipeline throughout the Miramichi watershed. “Good progress has been made to this date”, says David Wilson, Chairman of the Miramichi Salmon Association. “Our message has been heard and we will continue to dialogue with TransCanada in an effort to help mitigate any potential risk associated with this energy project.”

Gord Mouland, Chairman of MSA’s Land Use Committee, will continue to lead the MSA’s ongoing discussions with TransCanada.

For further information, please contact:

Mark Hambrook, MSA President 506-622-4000

Gordon Mouland, MSA Land Use Policy Chair, 506-635-1566

David Wilson, MSA Chairman 506-458-8505


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  1. malcolm ray.......Damariscotta,Me. on February 6, 2015 at 10:28 am

    Hi Mark, Just a word of warning about people who run pipelines…..I’m sure you remember the line that was run from Canso area N.S. thru Maine to God knows where…….our river,the Sheepscott River here in Maine was directly in the way of their plans……they sent several sweet talking men and ladies to address issues we had with their route to cross our river….we were lied to and deceived many times by these people…..they promised to use directional boring to go under our river….never happened!!! They simply blocked the upper reaches off and dug ditches right through spawning areas…….we tried to video what was happening and were driven off by privately hired police officers…..the list of lies and mis statements is very very long……please be careful with these people,our experience was not good……they will tell you what they know you want to hear…..please do not trust them…..this is our experience with them…be careful…..the fish are having a hard enough time without this happening to your river also…they crossed our river in many places..take care Mac Ray……..Looking forward to June on the river at MSC for the 28th well

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