MSA Welcomes Sturgeon to MSCC

The Miramichi Salmon Association is pleased to announce that an arrangement has been concluded with a sturgeon aquaculture company, Breviro Caviar, to lease part of the facilities at the Miramichi Salmon Conservation Centre (MSCC) in South Esk, NB.  The project will grow and culture short-nose sturgeon (Acipenser brevirostrum) for both meat and caviar.  Atlantic sturgeon and short-nose sturgeon have played an important role in the history of the aboriginal people of the Miramichi and today wild populations are species of concern throughout its range.  Aquaculture has proven to be an effective way to provide the highly sought after benefits of sturgeon caviar and meat.  In Europe, intensive stocking programs have also helped revive and sustain their native sturgeon species from going extinct. 

The MSCC is maintaining its full salmon stocking program that has been in effect for the past few years and will also be involved in stocking sea-run brook trout in the Miramichi.  The revenue from the lease will be used to enhance the MSA field programs.  It will also help us to contemplate an expansion of the facilities at the MSCC to meet specific objectives that were not possible in the past.

The sturgeon began arriving at the MSCC on June 20 and will be concluded by the first week of July.  The sturgeon may be viewed by the public as part of our hatchery tour, subject to the operational activities and approval of Breviro Caviar.