NB Crown Reserve Fishing Draw: Applications Open

If you are interested in applying to fish any of New Brunswick's Crown Reserve stretches, please be advised that the 2023 application period is February 6th to March 3rd, the payment period is March 20th to April 14th, and the unsuccessful applicant booking period is May 8th to May 21st.

Crown reserve fishing offers New Brunswickers some excellent fishing opportunities and is open only to residents of New Brunswick. There are currently 20 Regular Crown Reserves in the Miramichi and Restigouche River drainages. Reserves (stretches) are assigned for 48-hour periods.

To apply to the Regular Crown Reserve draw, submit your application online by clicking the link below. You may also apply by mailing a paper copy of the application form and payment to the Fish and Wildlife office or by contacting any local department office. Successful party chiefs will be notified by mail or email.

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