News Release: MSA calls for water temperature data to be made public

Update: Following the publication of this news release, Environment and Climate Change Canada has made water temperature data publicly available again. 

The Miramichi Salmon Association (MSA) is encouraging Environment and Climate Change Canada's National Hydrological Service (NHS) to once again share water temperature information with the public.

Since 2022, the NHS has been the only agency providing real-time monitoring data on the Miramichi River. Temperature data is recorded from two hydrometric stations on the Miramichi River and this information was shared publicly through the Government of Canada website. But so far this year, that information has not been made public.

MSA President Robyn McCallum said she has been hearing from anglers who are concerned about the lack of publicly available data.

"Our argument, and one that we continue to hear from anglers on the water, is that if the data points are reliable enough to make warm water protocol decisions on, they are reliable enough to share with the public. Our members care about water conditions and fish safety, and they want to understand what the river conditions are to make informed decisions and predictions," McCallum says.

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