Press Release: Miramichi River Stories video series

The MSA Communications Committee has launched an initiative to gather and preserve the oral history of the Miramichi as told by local icons, and to document the long and storied relationship between the local community, the MSA, and Atlantic Salmon.   
"These wonderful stories tell about the pleasure and peace that being on the river can bring. It's about being in the wilderness, away from the stresses of everyday life. And many of the experiences described in these stories can still be experienced on the Miramichi today by anyone of any age who enjoys the great outdoors,” said Greg Sprague, chair of the MSA Communications Committee. “The video interviews pay tribute to the pioneers who played an important role in creating an industry that provided jobs for outfitters, guides, camp cooks, tackle shops, fly tyers, as well as business for service industries like restaurants, general stores and motels. This salmon angling and tourism-based industry is a critical component of the Miramichi economy to this day.”

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