Trap numbers for the past weekend

Numbers are up and down at the Millerton and Cassilis traps. The numbers for the past four days (Saturday Oct 6th – Tuesday Oct 9th) are:

  Cassilis Millerton
Saturday 0 Grilse   1 Salmon     6 Grilse   13 Salmon
Sunday 1 Grilse   1 Salmon 9 Grilse   11 Salmon
Monday 1 Grilse   2 Salmon 1 Grilse   4 Salmon
Tuesday 1 Grilse   3 Salmon 6 Grilse   3 Salmon

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  1. Jeff's Riverside InnLtd. on October 9, 2012 at 7:07 pm

    Thank You for all the postings of fish in the SouthWest Miramichi. They have been most helpful indeed during this most difficult summer for fisheremen and Outfitters alike.
    Hoprfully next year will be better for all.
    Marjorie Price

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